Below are some of the visual programming projects I've done in recent years. Some are meant to be viewed, some are meant to be played.

For best results, I strongly recommend using Chrome as your browser and a PC (many will not work on mobile devices).


WaveDrawer - 2017

a wavy visual

Draw a custom wave shape and hear how it sounds.

Wave Pool - 2017

a wavy visual

This is the visual from the home page. This one required some math review.

PID Control Simulator - 2017

a graphical PID controller simulation

A simulation to explore PID control and tuning concepts.

Audio Mandala - 2016

a sound modulated mandala generator

An interactive music visualizer.

Mouse Game - 2016

a game of many mouse cursurs

Good luck! (This will not work on touch devices)

Orbital - 2016

a game of gravity and orbits

A game of launching planets into orbit.

Hyper Sphere - 2016

an impossible shape

An impossible shape.

Color Game - 2015

a game of color mixing and matching

A simple but tricky game of color combinations.

Gear Slider - 2015

an animated slide puzzle

A classic slider puzzle with animated graphics.

Dancing Squares - 2015

a cascading rotation of squares

A simple visual of rotating squares.