Hello! My name is Avi. I currently live in the small town of Chicago, IL, but I am originally from Tucson, AZ. I am a man of many hobbies, and this website is my showcase. I began as a visual artist back in high school. Every class was art class for me, and I was fairly prolific with my drawings. Once I got to college I found a stronger need to pay attention during in class, and my drawing slowed down. However, I took a number of studio art classes and started painting. This was also when I was dabbling in electronic music production. My creativity then took another shift when I discovered a passion for words. I began writing poetry, and this became my primary outlet for a few years. This was partly to do with how busy I was, as writing lines on my phone is easier to fit into a busy lifestyle then drawing or painting, though I still did some of this too. Near the end of my college years, and since I have graduated, I have been consumed with more technical projects. I enjoy building furniture and electronic devices. Most recently I have found joy in programming visuals, which has sort of taken me full circle back to visual art, just from a new direction.

Avi Kazen

Hey look, it's me!

You can get in contact with me by email: AvidorKazen at gmail. Also check out Jamie's photography website!.

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